Congratulations to the Cavalcade short story contest winners. Thanks to everyone who entered. Keep writing! MIDDLE SCHOOL 1st Anna Pearsall, Oasis Middle School 2nd Samuel Gill, Carmichael Middle School 3rd Makenna Farris, Chief Joseph Middle School Snowfall, by Anna Pearsall One Shot, by Samuel Gill Alone, by Makenna Farris HIGHRead More →

M. T. Anderson, author of books ranging from comic fantasy adventure to Gothic historical fiction, has just purchased a haunted house very cheaply. What could go wrong? In the past, he has journeyed into the Taklamakan Desert with friends to find the ruins of an ancient temple to a ratRead More →

Kelley Armstrong has been telling stories since before she could write. Her earliest written efforts were disastrous. If asked for a story about girls and dolls, hers would invariably feature undead girls and evil dolls, much to her teachers’ dismay. All efforts to make her produce “normal” stories failed. Today,Read More →

Don Calame is an author, screenwriter and amateur dog trainer. He has managed to teach his dogs to sit, stay, lie down, do a figure 8, play dead, and jump over hurdles. He is currently working on teaching his dogs how to do his wash and clean his bathroom. WhenRead More →

Completely normal and random and true facts about Rose: She suffers from spontaneous laughter syndrome, often triggered from a joke told several days earlier. And sometimes she snorts. But let’s not talk about that. Actually, let’s forget that was ever mentioned, ok? For as long as she can remember, peopleRead More →

I can pick locks, make rubber bands pass through each other, and perform the most astounding feat of finger-magic you have ever seen. 2017 Workshop: Inspiration Sucks Writing through inspiration sucks: it’s a recipe to make you miserable as you wait for the inspiration to strike. Writer’s block is noRead More →

Hi! I’m Dan Gemeinhart. I’m way taller than I need to be, but it comes in handy when a bird poops on my head (which happened to me at lunch in high school…I was tall enough to just stand straight and no one could see it. I rushed to theRead More →

Jessica Day George lives outside of Salt Lake City with her husband, three children, and a fluffy white dog. She got so jealous when she enrolled her two oldest kids in Irish dance that she started taking lessons, too. Even though she’s older than the teacher, and only okay atRead More →

April comes from bad blood. In 1656, one of her ancestors was charged with pig bewitchment. One great-grandfather was in an arson gang. Another gunned down her grandmother’s boyfriend for kissing her. Don’t worry – April only burns things down and kills people on paper. In third grade, April wasRead More →

Bill Konigsberg was born in New York City. Expectations were high based on his highly athletic birth; he stuck the landing and received a 5.8 from the Russian Judge, but he was later disqualified when it was determined he was doping. He blamed his mother, a practice that continued forRead More →

Morgan Matson never thought she was going to be a writer. She planned on being a marine biologist, until she spent a summer at oceanography camp and realized that she got seasick, didn’t like boats, and that fish creeped her out. (And that was day one.) Instead, she now spendsRead More →

Brandon Mull is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Fablehaven, Beyonders, and Five Kingdoms series. He was also architect for the Spirit Animal series and wrote the first book. Brandon lived in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile for two years where he learned Spanish and juggling.Read More →

Lisa McMann is proudly left-handed when it comes to things like writing, but she’s ambidextrous when it comes to sports. Her favorite foods are bacon and avocados, and she doesn’t eat sugar. She lives in the Sonoran Desert outside of Phoenix, and her backyard is home to various way-ward catsRead More →

Mary E. Pearson’s favorite activities as a child were climbing trees and pretending she was Tarzan, or running along fence tops—and roofs—pretending she was a spy with a bagful of incredible gadgets. She was rarely herself. Amazingly, she never broke a bone until she caught a basketball in gym class.Read More →

Eliot Schrefer has probably already played many of you with his Hearthstone priest deck. (Keep an eye out for “YellowBonobo.”) When he’s not playing video games, he’s writing. Eliot is the author of Endangered, Threatened, and Rescued, survival stories about great apes and wartime which have twice been finalists forRead More →

William Ritter watches shows like Steven Universe and My Little Pony with his kids… but what his kids don’t know is that he watches them just as much when they’re gone. 2017 Workshop: 5 Fundamental Facets of Novel Writing A whirlwind tutorial through five key facets of story telling:Read More →