cooper-poster Completely normal and random and true facts about Rose:

  • She suffers from spontaneous laughter syndrome, often triggered from a joke told several days earlier. And sometimes she snorts. But let’s not talk about that. Actually, let’s forget that was ever mentioned, ok?
  • For as long as she can remember, people have laughed at her. Her defining moment (not trying to brag) was being nominated for funniest person in her family. Three years in a row. BAM!
  • She loves to find the humor in any situation. Even if it’s an awful, terrible, and creepy situation. Like living at a cemetery. Or riding in a hearse. Occupied. With a corpse. Jealous much?
  • Rose has met the man inside the Chucky Doll. True story! She even has a picture to prove it.
  • She loves playing dress up with her adorable cat and puppy. The cat is still holding a grudge…

2017 Workshop: SHOW ME THE FUNNY

Did you know there are a bazillion different types of humor? One type is exaggeration. I will show you how to add humor to your writing and/or illustrations, how to find the funny in any situation, and what types of humor work best for your style. Also, there are no excuses for NOT taking this workshop.

Excuse: I don’t think I’m a funny person.
Me: If you have ever laughed in your life (yes, even once) then you can make someone else laugh. Excuse: I try to be funny, but nobody gets it.
Me: Perfect! I’ll help you understand why and what you can do.
Excuse: I’m a writer/illustrator. Not a comedian.
Me: Me too! But, the rules of good writing also apply to humor. Make your readers laugh, cry while reading your story. There will be exercises (not the running and sweating kind-eww!) for writers and illustrators. This workshop will be a safe place. Anything said or done will not be held against you. But prepare to be outrageous and silly and funny. And totally serious. And I will have chocolate. So… remember to bring me some!

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Gossip from the Girls' Room

by Rose Cooper
Middlebrooke Middle Schooler, Sofia, has her very own blog where she dishes out all the juicy gossip on the happenings in the Girls’ Room. Read along with the students to find out just what’s going down. (gr 5-8)

Rumors from the Boys' Room

by Rose Cooper
Sofia Becker, Middlebrooke Middle School blogger extraordinaire, is back! And this time her gossip isn't only from the girls' room. The rumor mill is out of control at Sofia's school, so it's a good thing Sofia and her super-secret notebook can set everyone straight. (gr 5-8)

Secrets from the Sleeping Bag

by Rose Cooper
Middlebrooke Middle School blogger, Sofia, is spending the summer at Camp Krakatow. S'mores, crafts, bug juice, water sports, boys(!) . . . Sofia doesn't want to forget one second of sleepaway camp! (gr 5-8)

I Text Dead People

by Rose Cooper
Annabel Craven hopes she’ll fit in at the Academy. She’s worried she’ll stay friendless and phoneless. But when she finds a mysterious phone in the woods near the cemetery, one of her problems is solved . . . and another one is just beginning. (gr 5-8)

The Ungrateful Dead

by Rose Cooper
All Annabel Craven wants is to be normal, but that’s hard to do when ghosts keep texting her. Keeping her secret from her nosy new stepsister isn’t going to be easy either. When a ghost named Harper wants Anna’s help to rejoin the living, Anna warns her that it’s impossible. Once you’re dead, you can’t just start living again . . . or can you? (gr 5-8)

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