1.Cinda has a degree in philosophy and two degrees in nutrition. Therefore, she may be totally unqualified to teach anybody anything about writing. 2. Cinda once took a ride in a hot air balloon. It was fantastic except for the part about landing in the middle of the Interstate. ItRead More →

Ally Condie used to work at a shave-ice shack as a teenager. She ate so many tigers’ blood shaved-ices that it now runs through her veins. She likes to hike and isn’t afraid of falling, which is good because she’s not the most coordinated person on the planet. She’s reallyRead More →

Matthew J. Kirby went to three different elementary schools and three different high schools. This was not his choice. His father was in the Navy. But he loved each of the places he lived for different reasons. He is colorblind, and owns several instruments he does not play, but wishesRead More →

Completely normal and random and true facts about Rose: She suffers from spontaneous laughter syndrome, often triggered from a joke told several days earlier. And sometimes she snorts. But let’s not talk about that. Actually, let’s forget that was ever mentioned, ok? For as long as she can remember, peopleRead More →

MIDDLE SCHOOL 1st Place:  Kimberly Mckinnon Chief Joseph Middle School, Richland The Golden Watch 2nd Place: Aarti Naina Sahai, Enterprise Middle School, Richland Immortal Love 3rd Place:  Mikaela Matkowski, Desert Hills Middle School, Kennewick Justified HIGH SCHOOL 1st Place: Chloe Grundmeier, Kamiakin High School, Kennewick Rain, Reign, Go Away 2nd Place: BethanyRead More →

Kat Zhang grew up writing scripts for her stuffed animals and asking strange questions. At age 22, she writes both scripts and novels and most of them develop from equally weird questions. Her series, The Hybrid Chronicles, all started when she asked herself “What would it be like to haveRead More →

When he’s not being thrown off trains in France or tending to the livestock on his farm in the mountains of Southern California, Andrew Smith enjoys hiding in dark quiet rooms and writing books for readers of all ages. Andrew Smith is online at ghostmedicine.blogspot.com or www.authorandrewsmith.comRead More →

Marissa Meyer got her start writing fanfiction for the popular magic-girl anime Sailor Moon, and she thinks it’s kind of amazing that there is now fanfic based on her own books. She also loves Firefly, any occasion where she gets to wear a costume, and tell-ing people the little-known goryRead More →

I own a bunch of yoyos, but I’m really terrible at yoyoing. I told someone this once and she bought me a book on how to do yoyo tricks. But I’m still terrible at it. I was the guy who made Free Comic Book Day happen. If you love FreeRead More →

Robin LaFevers was raised on a steady diet of fairy tales, Bulfinch’s mythology, and 19th century poetry. It is not surprising she grew up to be a hopeless romantic. Even though she grew up in the city, she had an unusually wide variety of pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, aRead More →

Kevin Emerson once competed in a beauty pageant and lost (probably because he was wearing a suit of armor). He loves Dr. Who and My Little Pony (he has two little kids, so it’s okay, right?) He prefers his sandwiches cut in triangles (obviously). He once appeared in a SwedishRead More →

Matt de la Peña was born in San Diego, California, way down by the Mexican border. His dad’s Mexican and his mom’s white, and he writes a lot about mixed race kids. He played basketball in college at the University of the Pacific where he studied psycholo-gy and English andRead More →

Stephanie (S.A.) Bodeen grew up on a Wisconsin dairy farm where, among other things, she milked cows, has been covered—multiple times— in cow manure, and learned to drive a stick shift at the age of eight. She has lived in a mud hut in Tanzania and once puked near theRead More →

Kendare Blake writes stuff. Most of it is dark and twisted but her parents seem to like it anyway and do not at all think it relates to her mental state or how she was raised. One time, she tried to beat the closing doors on the London subway andRead More →