Thanks to all the students who participated in our short story contest. Congratulations to these winning authors! MIDDLE SCHOOL 1st Place: Camilla McKinnon, Chief Joseph Middle School, Richland 2nd Place: Daisy Moore, Garrison Middle School, Walla Walla 3rd Place: Theron Peterson,  Desert Hills Middle School, Kennewick The King’s Man Dinner Party I Am MRead More →

You are probably taller than Kiersten White. Don’t be too proud—it’s not very difficult to be taller than her. Still, she’s written nine novels, is a New York Times bestselling au-thor, and is a lot older than you are. So being taller than her is a little bit cool, andRead More →

When Dan was 5 years old he got autographs from both Darth Vader and Mr. Rogers. He owns more than 350 board games. He has visited sixteen different countries, and lived in three. He was diagnosed with hypochondria as a child, but it’s mostly gone now. He memorizes poetry forRead More →

Tui T. Sutherland is a night owl who does most of her writing between 11pm and 4am.  She was born in Venezuela and grew up in Paraguay, where at various times her family hosted three snuggly dogs, a villainous kitten, two monkeys with nefarious plans, and a bathtub full ofRead More →

I once ditched school to hang with some friends and had such a miserable experience with my lame-o buddies that years later I wrote it up and sold it as a short story… and it’s REALLY popular! I chickened out on kissing the girl of my dreams in 8th gradeRead More →

Megan Shepherd grew up surrounded by books in her parents’ bookstore. She went to prom in Costa Rica, was an extra in The Hunger Games movie (in the reaping scene!), and has a phobia of mariachis. She might read your palm if you ask her nicely. 2016 Workshop: THE MAGIC OFRead More →

A former history textbook writer, I’m now trying to make amends for that crime by writing nonfiction books that kids and teens will actually want to read. Before the textbook thing, I made movies with my brother in Austin, TX (our first and only feature film, A More Perfect Union,Read More →

Sure, I wrote books like The Eleventh Plague, The Darkest Path and the upcoming Black River Falls, but did you know that I’m also a pretty decent baker of cookies, cakes and pies? (My specialties include triple chocolate espresso cookies and peach and blueberry buckle.) Or that I can escapeRead More →

Golf Story:  I was the sixth man for my school golf team—the last player out.  We were in a big match against our hated rival.  The first five matches had ended.  We won two, the bad guys won two, and one match was a draw.  All the players from bothRead More →

Amie Borst once had red hair and a nose piercing, graduated from Jimmy Fallon’s rival high school and sang in a garage band called Velcro Puppies. Now she drives a minivan and makes baked goods for school events. She relives her teen years through the novels she writes. Visit www.amieborst.comRead More →

Alas, this is true.  When Ilsa was a kid, all she wanted was to be Captain Kirk’s girlfriend.  Since then, she’s been a lot of things—child psychiatrist, forensic psychiatrist, wannabe surgeon, film scholar, former Air Force major . . . as well as the best-selling author of dozens of award-winningRead More →

Leigh Bardugo is the New York times bestselling author of the Grisha Trilogy (Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, and Ruin and Rising). She has never had a cavity and briefly blacked out after she fell off the bleachers at a high school basketball game. She was dressed as aRead More →

John David Anderson is hardly ever called John David Anderson. He is called Dave by most people who know him, John by most people who don’t, and Poppy by his daughter. His cat calls him yeowl and his mother calls him at least once a week. If he was aRead More →

As a kid I was nerdy, had braces, loved and lived and breathed Star Wars for five years, then became obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons — I painted miniatures,  read Dragon magazines (sent them stories and articles they always rejected). Then I got obsessed with video games, especially Asteroids and DigDug. IRead More →

The NYT bestselling author of the Tiger’s Curse series & the Reawakened series. I love books, dogs, Star Trek, chocolate, & I have a major crush on Superman. or 2016 Workshop Roll the dice in a choose your own adventure type of quest where we analyze archetypes, vent on villains,Read More →