On my sixteenth birthday my mom threw me a surprise party and invited all the kids from school whose names were in my phone book…except they were all the cool upperclassmen boys who I had never actually met. My oldest friend – now known as the author Pseudonymous Bosch – hid with me outside in his car until they all left. To this day, it remains the most embarrassing night of my life!

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Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures #1)

by Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia

In a town where little has changed since the Civil War, Ethan is drawn to Lena, with whom he shares a
psychic connection and whose family hides a secret. (gr 7+)

Black Widow: Forever Red (Black Widow #1)

by Margaret Stohl

Natasha Romanov, called the Black Widow, rescues a young Ava from Ivan, the man who once trained Natasha as an assassin. Eight years later, she is called upon to protect Ava from a threat from the past. (gr 8+)

Icons (Icons #1)

by Margaret Stohl

After an alien force known as the Lords colonizes Earth, using Icons to end humanity, four surviving teenagers must piece together the mysteries of their pasts in order to save the future. (gr 7+)

Royce Rolls

by Margaret Stohl

Sixteen-year-old Bentley Royce seems to have it all. But after five seasons on her family's reality
show, Rolling with the Royces, and a lifetime of dealing with her narcissistic sister, Porsche, media-obsessed mother, Mercedes, and somewhat clueless brother, Maybach, Bentley wants out. (gr 9+)

The Mighty Captain, Marvel Vol. 1: Alien Nation

by Margaret Stohl

Behold the mightiest, fightiest super hero there is! Captain Marvel returns to her helm as Alpha Flight
commander with the world cheering her on. She's the biggest hero in the world - but has Captain Marvel
become someone Carol Danvers no longer recognizes? (gr 7+)

This is War (Cats vs Robots #1)

by Margaret Stohl

The Robot Federation and the Feline Empire have been at war for eons. And now that fight is coming to a
tiny primitive planetoid...Earth. The mission for both cats and robots: retrieve the Singularity Chip. With it, cats can live past their nine lives, and robots are granted eternal battery life. When Max rescues two kittens and is determined to keep them, Min is horrified that these furballs could ruin her chances at the Battle of the Bots competition. But with hidden forces at play in their own house, and the larger war between cats and robots fast approaching, will the twins be able to put aside their differences before they get caught in the crossfire?