Brandon Dorman

Brandon DormanBrandon is a proud husband and father of three rambunctious boys. He loves to snack on string cheese, nachos and has eaten millions of sunflower seeds. He’s broken his nose playing flag football, stolen Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cigar, licked a slug, speaks Hiligynon, and does the dishes regularly. He loves making images and hopes to be illustrating for a long time to come.

View many of Brandon Dorman’s illustrations on his website at

Brandon Dorman’s 2013 Workshop: The Ins and Outs of Illustrating Book Covers:

In this workshop, Brandon Dorman will explore the writing and illustrating of picture books as well as share his expertise in creating eye catching book covers.

This is just a small gallery of Brandon Dorman’s Illustrations

bdorman_sketchbook1 bdorman_sketchbook3 bdorman_sketchbook11
bdorman_sketchbook14 golden-fleece lady-time-1
master-of-mirrors zombie-school seventh-level

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  1. will you please let me and my best friend use the picture of your map that you made on the land stories.We need it for the reading fair to put on our poster board.We go to Hurley Elem.PS are you and chris friends cause if you are please tell him Alyssa watches his show and is his biggest fan.And I do too. May we please use the map to help our Reading Fair board look really awesome.

    Sincerley,Maddy mcdaniel and Alyssa

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