Cavalcade’s Mission

The Cavalcade of Authors is dedicated to providing the secondary students of our region access to some of the best Young Adult authors of our modern era. Our special interest is to celebrate Pacific Northwest Authors while introducing students to a variety of genres and subject matter and to furthermore, promote reading and writing within our community. We provide for our participants an authentic writing conference experience where students can learn from the ultimate mentors: the authors of the books they are reading.

Quotes from Students – 2014 Cavalcade

I learned that at any age you can be a writer.

Everything around us is an inspiration!

I learned that writing and becoming and author is a process, and it takes time.

Think big AND think small.

Set goals and get inspiration from life events.

The Cavalcade of Authors was the chance of a lifetime to meet authors and ask them questions.

I loved all the different presentations and want to go again next year.

What I liked best was the author tips about writing and publishing.

Meeting the authors was the best thing about Cavalcade.  – gone to every Cavalcade since middle school!

I liked the overall concept of the event.

I loved the Cavalcade of Authors event the most because we learned skills for future writing careers!

I liked that we got to meet the authors of books that we like and relate and talk to them.

I liked listening to great authors, eating, and hanging out with old friends.

The workshops are a lot of fun and are very interactive. Plus, the authors are super cool and very friendly.

You never know, you might end up liking it more than you thought (such like myself!).

What Authors are saying about Cavalcade 2014

Cavalcade of Authors is without a doubt one of the most fun author events I’ve been apart of. The organizers treat you like a star and the kids are all extremely well prepared and a joy to work with. Highly recommended! Plus you get a book made of chocolate. Plus how fun is the word “Cavalcade”?? ~ Josh Berk

Cavalcade of Authors is a fantastic opportunity for young readers and writers to connect with authors they love and learn fun tips and tricks about the craft. The interaction is real, and there’s something of interest for every kind of reader/writer. Students and authors alike will be buzzing about their experience. ~ Kendare Blake

Cavalcade of Authors has all the excitement and fanfare of a huge event, yet manages to maintain an intimacy that allows for engaging interaction with the student participants and other authors. ~ Stephanie Bodeen

If you want to engage with awesome, enthused teens and teachers, Cavalcade is the place! Such a fun event. ~ Ally Condie

Cavalcade was an amazing event. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you!” ~ Rose Cooper

Cavalcade is one of the very best events I’ve attended and an amazing opportunity to reach teens! ~ Kevin Emerson

I had such a great time at Cavalcade. It’s great to see so many kids in one place who are enthusiastic about books and writing! ~ Marissa Meyer