milner-hallsAs a five year old, Kelly’s parents handed her steel toed boots and a guide to poisonous reptiles in an attempt at keeping her alive. They’d tried telling her not to touch snakes and lizards, but she just didn’t listen. Somehow, they knew she would be no ordinary “girly-girl” and she didn’t disappoint them. Weird is her world, and she couldn’t be happier, even now that she’s a weird old lady.

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2015 Workshop: Wonders of Weird

Take a walk on the weird side with nonfiction author Kelly Milner Halls as she reveals the magic and the muscle of doing reliable research.  How can you find credible evidence on Bigfoot, mummies, aliens and ghosts?  Kelly will give you some reliable ideas!

Milner Halls2013 Workshop: WONDERS OF WEIRD:

Nonfiction author Kelly Milner Halls not only writes about weird topics like Sasquatch and aliens, she gets paid for doing it. She’ll explain how flying her flag of weirdhood has made her life complete and her bank book well fed. She’ll even explain how being weird has landed her a spot in the world of YA fiction, too.

ghostlyevidenceGhostly Evidence: Exploring the Paranormal by Kelly Milner Halls
(grades 5-8)

Do you believe in ghosts? Enter the realm of the paranormal with Kelly Milner Halls. Explore what ghosts are, where they’re found, and meet some famous ghost busters. Check out the high-tech equipment modern ghost hunters use, and see their most convincing evidence that ghosts are real. Finally,take a look at a few famous hoaxes. This book is a little bit spooky and a whole lot of fun!

sasquatch-smIn Search of Sasquatch by Kelly Milner Halls
Grades 4-7
Pages 47

What is Sasquatch? Thousands of people believe in it. Hundreds say they have seen it. But the mystery of Sasquatch has not been solved . . . Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, is a cryptid-a creature of cryptozoology. Cryptozoology is the study of creatures not recognized by traditional science, and it is the quest to understand things that cannot be proven via ordinary channels. Kelly Milner Halls interviews crypto zoologists, linguistics experts, anthropologists, biologists, and regular people like us who have seen, heard, or maybe stumbled across evidence leading them to believe that Sasquatch is real. Serious Sasquatch seekers are as skeptical as unbelievers. They are not out to collect great stories. They are out to put together facts. The difference is, they are willing to keep an open mind. Do you believe in Sasquatch?

Mysteries of the Mummy Kids by Kelly Milner Halls
Grades 6-10
Pages 72

Learn about child mummies from the Incas and other ancient civilizations around the world, plus a Civil War-era mummy from the United States.

 Alien Investigation by Kelly Milner Halls
Grades 6-12
Pages 64

Are aliens and UFOs real? Explore eyewitness accounts, examine the evidence, and decide for yourself.

Girl Meets Boy edited by Kelly Milner Halls
Grades 9-12
Pages 203

What do guys and girls really think? Twelve of the most dynamic and engaging YA authors writing today team up for this one-of-a-kind collection of “he said/she said” stories–he tells it from the guy’s point of view, she tells it from the girl’s. These are stories of love and heartbreak. There’s the good-looking jock who falls for a dangerous girl, and the flipside, the toxic girl who never learned to be loved; the basketball star and the artistic (and shorter) boy she never knew she wanted; the gay boy looking for love online and the girl who could help make it happen. Each story in this unforgettable collection teaches us that relationships are complicated–because there are two sides to every story.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader for Kids: Kidtopia by Kelly Milner Halls of the Bathroom Readers’ Institute
Grades 6-12
Pages 288