Justina Ireland likes gummi bears, video games, and books where the dog doesn’t die. She is the author of Dread Nation and Lando’s Luck, A Star Wars Story.

Author’s website: justinaireland.com

Evie Allen vs the Quiz Bowl Zombies

by Justina Ireland

Evie Allen is smart. That is why trying out for the quiz show was perfect for her. But, the tryouts don't go as planned. Can Evie and her three friends once again save the town of Devils' Pass? (gr 6-8)

Promise of Shadows

by Justina Ireland

Zephyr is a harpy— half-god, half human— who must learn to own her power, whether she likes it or not, but how is she supposed to save everyone else if she can barely take care of herself? (gr 9+)

Dread Nation

by Justina Ireland

What would have happened if zombies has interrupted the U.S. Civil War and forced everyone to fight for a common cause? (gr 8+)