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  • We want to hear from you! - Cavalcade authors and attendees are invited to submit feedback. Choose the form below: Author Survey Student Survey
  • The Book Report – Pioneer MS Reflects on Cavalcade 2018 -   It started with the sun exploding . . . Just kidding! It started with a super early bus ride over to a Tri-Cities middle school where we attended the 2018 Cavalcade of Authors. Waking up at six in the morning for a seven o’clock bus ride is not a normal Saturday
  • From Jennifer Donnelly - www.jenniferdonnelly.com   I loved every minute of Cavalcade – from the enthusiastic school panels, to high-fiving the writing contest winners, to the workshops attended by super-dedicated young writers. The librarians, teachers, and booksellers behind the festival are so organized, tons of fun, and serious true believers in the power of
  • Blogged by Library Lions – Justina Chen - AUTHOR JUSTINA CHEN ROARS FOR LIBRARIES I’d like to give a personal shout out to Michelle Lane for organizing a fantastic Northwest book festival. Through A Cavalcade of Authors  thousands of teens have been able to meet with their favorite authors because of her, her vision, and her team of literacy-minded
  • Quotes from Students – 2014 Cavalcade - I learned that at any age you can be a writer. Everything around us is an inspiration! I learned that writing and becoming and author is a process, and it takes time. Think big AND think small. Set goals and get inspiration from life events. The Cavalcade of Authors was
  • What Authors are saying about Cavalcade 2014 - Cavalcade of Authors is without a doubt one of the most fun author events I've been apart of. The organizers treat you like a star and the kids are all extremely well prepared and a joy to work with. Highly recommended! Plus you get a book made of chocolate. Plus how fun is the word
  • Cavalcade stories with Josh Berk - CAVALCADE stories Mar. 14th, 2014 at 1:00 PM Here are the stories I wrote with the Cavalcade of Authors kids today. They came out great! Follow this link: http://jberkj.livejournal.com/35107.html
  • Blogged by Library Lions – Jeff Burlingame - THREE CHEERS FOR CAVALCADE! Welcome to Library Lions interviews Raising a Roar for libraries and the outstanding librarians across the U.S. Today we’re celebrating Cavalcade of Authors Part 2 with Jeff Burlingame's article recently featured in the magazine The Medium. Jeff Burlingame (showing his prized Cavalcade tee shirt) is the
  • Blogged by Library Lions – Janet Lee Carey - Roar for Cavalcade of Authors Happy Children’s Book Week! And welcome to a Special Edition of Library Lions. This week we’re Roaring for the Cavalcade of Authors now in its 5th year! The Skinny Cavalcade of Authors yearly conference is dedicated to providing the secondary students of our region access to
  • Cavalcade featured in School Library Monthly - Cavalcade of Authors was featured in the January 2013 issue of School Library Monthly a national library journal. We are making a difference! IMAGINE AN EVENT for 650 teenagers to get together with a dozen of their favorite authors. Imagine that this event allows these students to hear original backstories,